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This blog is designed for students and families in Allison Fuller-Mulloy's SMHS Art Classes. It is a site for posting our daily work and homework (IWs) each week, ideas and images to explore further, reminders and due dates. I hope this blog will help students by reinforcing the week's major ideas and activities, giving make-up work for absentees, and providing families a look into the atelier every day!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 12... Wikis all around!

Students returned from Fall Break to create wiki accounts, test pages to trouble-shoot, and began creating their own pages to publish. Lots of work in the Mac lab this week!

1st and 2nd periods Ceramics students had an IW on Slab Boxes due Mon (10/25). They began the week by creating wiki accounts and test pages to learn how the wired atelier* wiki (mulloy.pbworks.com) works. Tuesday they created pages to critique one of their own pottery pieces. Using the self critique form provided on the wiki as a guide, students wrote a few paragraphs about their work. Reminded before Fall Break and this week in class, students were asked to bring a bowl to use as a mold. After the wiki work was finished, students who were prepared with their materials on Wednesday made a pinched molded bowl from small balls of clay pressed together then smoothed to a finished surface. We discussed that most pottery surfaces used for food should be smooth, as to prevent food particles and dirt getting caught in the surface of the clay. Students who were not prepared with their mold bowls were asked to figure our some way to be productive and produce work to make up for their unpreparedness. I hope students learned a lesson about listening closely to instructions and making sure they remember to bring materials when needed! The week was finished by finishing up the past IWs and pottery pieces due before Mon (11/1).

3rd period Art 3/4/AP students began the much-anticipated 12 Layer Canvas project this week. Each student got an 18x24 canvas and each day gets new instructions for a new layer. They don't know what each layer will be, so there is not way for them to plan the final result, but instead learn to experiment and learn from the unexpected beauties of exploration! Their first instruction was "Create a 2"grid over the entire canvas." Their 2nd layer's instructions were "Paint in the squares." The 3rd layer's instructions were "Add tissue paper." Students are eager to hear the next layer each day, but I'm only revealing one layer at a time. It's amazing to see the different results each student produces from the same simple instructions! There is nothing due next week, as this week we are in process, but students should always be looking and sketching!

4th period Photography students had an IW on Digital Manipulation and 5 images due Mon (10/25). Students spent the entire week in the Mac lab working on the wiki. To improve the process of submitting photos and getting feedback, students will now create a new wiki page to submit each of their photo projects. Students will then post at least 15 comments on different classmates' images to provide a virtual critique of their work! I'm excited to see if tis new process improves the process of submission and feedback! This week students spent time creating pages for all their previously submitted assignments and posted them to the wiki! All pages of old assignments are due before Mon (11/1). Go check them out here and feel free to leave some positive feedback; students have taken some beautiful pictures!

6th period Art 2 class had an IW on a Masterwork due Tues (1026). 6th period students also began the week in the Mac lab creating wiki accounts, test pages, and trouble-shotting wiki issues. Wednesday students who were prepared with their Masterwork began a project to reproduce the Masterwork through collaged papers. First, students created a simple contour-line drawing of the Masterwork as realistically as possible, keeping all objects in proportion and replicating the image as closely as possible. Students will next assemble colored papers from magazine clippings to fill the spaces created by the contour lines with color. Just as the original artist used  strokes of paint to create the image they are reproducing, students will alter the original by creating strokes of colored paper to mimic the colors in the painting. I am excited to see the finished results! Examples of this project previously completed by other students can be seen on the online gallery at Artsonia here. There is no new IW due next Tuesday (11/2).