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This blog is designed for students and families in Allison Fuller-Mulloy's SMHS Art Classes. It is a site for posting our daily work and homework (IWs) each week, ideas and images to explore further, reminders and due dates. I hope this blog will help students by reinforcing the week's major ideas and activities, giving make-up work for absentees, and providing families a look into the atelier every day!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 21... Back in the Swing of Things

It seems as if we've been out of school forever! Students returned from their snow week to begin their latest art projects and investigations.

1st and 2nd periods Ceramics classes worked on mass-producing slab molded bowls to use for our Fundraising Soup Bowl night in March. Each bowl will be unique and a product of a team of student ceramicists. Students learned a lot about process and working together to produce a large quantity of pieces. We will continue our bowl making eery few weeks until March!

3rd period Art 3/4/AP students spent the week researching the idea of Love in Art, Literature, Sciences, and History. Students looked at different approaches, meanings, styles, and techniques all portraying this universal theme. Students watched a PBS video about the science behind Human Emotions and their role in our relationships to help feed ideas to explore. Students were challenged to find a way to represent their idea of Love without being too obvious, cutesy, or typical. Students were instead asked to think of a sophisticated, fresh approach to portraying this theme.

4th period Photo students used the first days of class to finish their 30 Day critiques. Students who did not complete the 30 day project over break will receive a zero. Students who did not write their peer critiques will also receive a zero. The last part of the week was spent taking 10 head-and-shoulder portraits (mugshots) of students around school and manipulating each one. By taking the relatively uninteresting shot and adding 5 layers of Digital effects on Picnik.com, students will create interesting new portraits.

6th period Art 2 students spent the week creating a drawing from words. Students first created a realistic contour drawing based on a photographic image. After creating the entire image from contours students then began to replace each line with a line of words chosen from a poem, song, book, or quote of their choice. The resulting images are fantastic; each image is formed entirely out of lines of words!