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This blog is designed for students and families in Allison Fuller-Mulloy's SMHS Art Classes. It is a site for posting our daily work and homework (IWs) each week, ideas and images to explore further, reminders and due dates. I hope this blog will help students by reinforcing the week's major ideas and activities, giving make-up work for absentees, and providing families a look into the atelier every day!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Research begins

For the week of April 4-8, many students will begin their research project, others will be introduced to it and begin in a week or so. As is my tradition, students will finish up their courses by becoming an expert on a piece of art they choose. This year, students may complete the traditional research paper (Full research, 4 sources, citations, typed, single spaced, 10 pt Times font, etc) to present their findings, or they may create and produce a podcast instead. Using the flipcams in the art room, and the iMovie software in the Mac lab, students can compile their research , along with some fun, into an informational podcast about their work of art. Again, students may choose to complete either a paper or a podcast to present the results of their research. They will have approximately 3 weeks to complete the research, writing, and production of their projects.

Ceramics classes are making a "Clay Postcard" this week. After choosing a "postcard" type scene of a place they enjoy or find beautiful, students will recreate the scene in bas relief on a tile, or as a "clay postcard." They will complete a paper or podcast as well for their final project!