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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drawing the Face

Students learned the general proportions of the human face today. Following a step-by-step video, students analyzed features and their relationships in creating their own realistic drawings. Students learned that the head is generally an upside-down egg shape, and that the "Eye line" is half way down the head. Students also learned the placement of the "mouth line" at 1/3 up from the chin, and the "nose line" 1/3 up from the mouth line. Students learned the general max width of a nose is the width from tear duct to tear duct, and that the mouth is generally as wide as the distance from pupil to pupil.

Although difficult, students were encouraged to erase and correct at all times in order to prefect their drawings. We noted that many features on the face can be created by shading to look more 3-D rather than drawing harsh outlines. Students got through the features of the face today and will move on to adding ears and hair to their portraits tomorrow. The drawings are going to be great, even if they are just practice!