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Monday, April 6, 2009

Oil pastel study

On April 2 & 3, students explored oil pastels in a simple project using geometric shapes.

On a 12x18 piece of paper, students used a ruler to draw 7 lines anywhere that touched two sides. After drawing the lines, students used the cropping squares to trace 5 perfect squares anywhere on the paper. Using oil pastels, students first colored in the 5 squares different colors. Next, looking only at the rectilinear shapes made by the lines, students colored in each shape with a different color of oil pastel, blending with any colored square the shape may encompass.

Student noted the specific way oil pastels are applied and can be mixed and layered with other colors, so that they may understand the properties of that medium for use in later projects.

The resulting projects are bold, non-objective, beautifully simple works of art.