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This blog is designed for students and families in Allison Fuller-Mulloy's SMHS Art Classes. It is a site for posting our daily work and homework (IWs) each week, ideas and images to explore further, reminders and due dates. I hope this blog will help students by reinforcing the week's major ideas and activities, giving make-up work for absentees, and providing families a look into the atelier every day!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 6... in the Mix

1st and 2nd periods Ceramics had an IW on rattle design and history due Monday 9/13. This week students began learning about throwing on the wheel, including a demonstration DVD by The Clay Lady, online research, and a teacher demo. Students will begin to, after this week's intro, rotate daily on the wheel; each student spending a few days experiencing and experimenting with the equipment and process over the semester. Hopefully by the end of the semester we'll actually be throwing pots! Students also made a clay leaf impression piece, using the slab method and a fresh leaf to create a beautiful and functional piece of pottery. After slabs were rolled, students collected fresh leaves from outside and pressed them into the top of the clay, creating a beautiful surface texture and reinforcing the idea of interesting surface design in addition to the importance form in pottery. Homework this week was to take 5 photos of pottery they see outside school (at stores, people's homes, etc). The 5 photos are due Monday (9/20).

3rd period Art 3/4/AP students finished up their choice projects and IWs with critiques early in the week, then began to brainstorm and investigate for their Seminar Reading Art project. After investigating their seminar book by creating a summary and list of important themes, symbols, and objects from the story, students were asked to bring in 2 photos or 2 of the actual objects from their lists to draw. After making sketches and observing details, students will create a 6x9 realistic drawing of each of their objects. Students will then choose a passage or two from the book mentioning those objects and use their skills with typography to incorporate the text from the passage into the artwork. Students may propose a similar idea, such as creating a sculptural piece instead of a 2-D piece, but proposal must be made to Mrs. Mulloy before deviating from the established assignment! Students should create an IW this week on the history of and relationship between Literature and Art, due Monday (9/20).

4th period Photo students had an IW on Camera Basics & Exposure and their 2 photos due Monday, 9/13. Students spent this week learning about different time periods and genres of photography through watching the Adventure of Photography DVD and taking notes about important events, figures, and ideas in Photography. Students also began investigating the Rule of Thirds and Composition in Photography, for which the IW is due Mon (9/20), as are 10 pics: 5 images using a symmetrical, centered composition, then 5 identical pics instead using the Rule of Thirds to compose them.

6th period Art 2 students finished working on their Summer/Seminar Reading book projects this week. They were asked last week to bring in 2 objects or photographs from their list to draw. After students completed the two 6x9 reaistic pencil drawings, they chose passages from the book and applied their knowledge of typography to paint a beautiful arrangement of words to combine with their drawn images on large paper. Projects should be completed by Friday (9/17) and are due Tuesday (9/21). For this week's IW assignment, students should research Expressive Portraits (vs Realistic portraits) in preparation for their next project. They should've already turned in a headshot photograph of themselves to use in this project in Week 4! Expressive Portrait IWs are due Tuesday (9/21).