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This blog is designed for students and families in Allison Fuller-Mulloy's SMHS Art Classes. It is a site for posting our daily work and homework (IWs) each week, ideas and images to explore further, reminders and due dates. I hope this blog will help students by reinforcing the week's major ideas and activities, giving make-up work for absentees, and providing families a look into the atelier every day!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 14... Cultural Awareness

Ceramics students spent the week studying various cultures from around the world and their traditions of pottery. Each student worked as part of a group to research a specific culture, then each student created a piece or two in the style of that culture, The group then created a presentation to showcase their investigations of their cultures and the pieces they made to represent their cultures.

Art 3/4/AP student finished their 12 layer canvases and corresponding IWs. They are quite stunning works of art demonstrating quite a bit of creative thinking and manipulation of artistic media. The students also learned a lot about themselves and the creative process through this lesson!

Art 2 Photography students worked on printing their final projects in addition to 2 investigations and photo shoots. #1, student investigated Light Painting. Looking for information, how-to's, interesting techniques, and nice examples for their IW's, students spent time researching and creating their own 3 light painting photos, due on the wiki. #2, students investigated a specific theme of their choice, i.e. friendship, trust, class, poverty, etc. to create a series of 5 images about. Looking for information about the theme, interesting themed photos, and nice examples of themed manipulated photos for their IW's, students spent time researching and creating their own 5 themed digital manipulation photos, due on the wiki.

Art 2 students finished their collages based on the Masterworks they brought in as part of their previously assigned investigations. After sketching the contours of the image they reproduced, they filled in areas of the image with small bits of colored paper found from magazines to create beautiful collages. The results are AMAZING work and many will be exhibited at UNUM at an exhibit in Downtown Chattanooga! Students who did not complete the Masterwork IW completed bookwork as an alternative assignment.