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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 15... Student Teacher doing great!

Our student teacher still has the reigns this week with several great lessons! Her knowledge and excitement are a great addition to the art room, and with two teachers we've gotten so much cleaned and organized in the art room!

Ceramics students presented their cultural projects that were due this week. Most students did well, and we all learned a lot about 6 different cultures and their history and traditions of ceramics! The IW, Project, and Presentation were all test grades, so students were reminded to take it seriously and o well on this almost 3 week project!! Students also created a ceramic logo "stamp" to mark their pottery with. It's like a permanent personal trademark on the pottery! Students were also told about their final project: a teapot. Their instructions were to create a teapot with a spout, lid, handle, and vessel for liquid. Beyond those requirements, students can use the skills and creative abilities we've fostered this semester to create anything they want! Students must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the skills, terminology, and process learned thus far.

Art 3/4/AP students excitedly began the Kara Walker project planned by Ms. Loudermilk. After studying her work , students ware creating amazing large-scale black silhouette shapes depicting stereotypes they want to confront. These are going to be powerful works of art! The IW and project are due Tues, 11/23.

Art 2 Photography students worked on printing their best of the best projects again this week, in addition to begin prompted with the next 2 assignments, 2nd being their midterm exam project. #1 due 1/4/11, Students will investigate 365 Projects for the inspiration for their next photo shoot: a 30 Day Project. Students will take a photo every day from Dec 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010. They may choose to do self portraits, the same shot every day, a certain item or themed items, etc. They should investigate information, how-to's, interesting techniques, and nice examples for their IW's. Students will post them to the wiki and be ready to discuss and present them to the class when we return from Winter Break! #2 due FRIDAY 12/10, Students will research  a photographer of their choice (who has made an obvious impact on photography) thoroughly in their IW's. MIDTERM GRADE!! They will investigate the important and relevant biographical and artistic information more fully understand the work of the artist such as:
  • Birth, Nationality, family background?
  • Time period, relevant events in history?
  • Education, Art training?
  • What age pursued art?
  • Influenced by which artists?
  • Influenced by which issues/events?
  • Medium/a?
  • Style?
  • Subject Matter?
  • Famous Works?
  • Career in art successful during life?
  • Influence to later artists?
  • Influence to later society?
  • Influence to your society?

Art 2 students spent later in the week taking a break from all the nail carving and paper cutting projects as soon as they finished and used mostly our brains, ears, and mouths. After a great socratic seminar on an article we annotated in class which assessed the importance of Art Education, students wrote a reflection in their IW's. We also used our class time this week to look through our IW's and write a list of things we learned form each page in our IW's. As students should have completed over 30 pages from several different assignments this semester, they had at least 30 topics or items to make a list from of that they had learned in those assignments. We then made a large poster with each student writing 5 things they had learned in the course this far. From "Don't procrastinate," to "I am better at art than I thought I was," to "The printmaking process takes patience," students enjoyed seeing all they learned spilled out there on the poster before them! Students were also told about their MIDTERM project, and to be ready to begin planning in the IW for their chosen project on Monday.